7 Reasons to See a Podiatrist for Your Foot or Ankle Problem

Here are seven reasons why you should see a podiatrist for your foot and ankle problem:

7. A podiatrist can prescribe antibiotics and perform surgery. When a person has a woundon their foot, it is important to see the podiatrist.  The problem is in most areas of the foot and ankle, unlike the abdomen or the arm, the skin is very close to the bone.  For diabetics or people with poor circulation especially, it is very easy to get an infection that goes into the bone.  A podiatrist is trained to treat wounds, and delegate to a wound care center if needed.  Podiatrists have an understanding of biomechanics to determine proper weightbearing status.  Additionally, they can also treat infections with antibiotics or urgent or emergent surgery if needed.

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Should your child see a podiatrist?

When you’re a kid, there’s nothing like being able to run around and play freely. If your child is experiencing any pain, discomfort or other troubles with their feet, taking them to see a podiatrist can be a greatly beneficial.

Podiatrists are dedicated health professionals specialising in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders of the foot and lower limb. While the different rates children’s feet develop can make it difficult to determine what is normal development, a discussion with a podiatrist is an important first step if you do have any concerns about your child’s feet.

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